How do I buy a New Forest Knife?

Get in touch!  The first step is a conversation, we want to get to know you and understand your particular requirements.  The next steps are really up to you.  You can be actively involved through every step, or we can just get on with it.  Our service is as individual as our knives.

How much does a New Forest Knife cost?

Each one of our knives is unique, so is priced individually, but our prices are set honestly and fairly based on materials used and time invested.  We want people to use and enjoy our knives, so we price within reach of everybody.  Typically, our bespoke 8" chef knives cost between £100 - £200 depending on spec, materials etc.

What materials do you use?

We don’t get caught up in debates around wooden handles being better than synthetic, or stainless steel being better than carbon steel. Instead we focus on creating the right knife for each person.  Some people like digital watches, some people like classic automatics, it all depends on the person.

How should I care for my knife?

Because we use a range of materials and each knife is completely unique, we provide specific care guidelines for each and every knife that leaves the workshop.

Do you only sell bespoke knives?

To make use of surplus and left over materials we regularly create small batches and one off's for general sale.  Keep an eye on our social media feeds or join our mailing list for our latest builds.